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6 months


£60k + £5k car

Release and Configuration Manager    

Responsible for providing and managing release and configuration policies, procedures and status reporting to mitigate risk and improve quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

Will be required to have a development back ground alongside 3 years experience of performing a release and configuration management role in a complex IT environment.

The lifecycle planning, control and management of the assets of an organisation (such as documentation, software and service assets, including information relating to those assets and their relationships. This involves identification, classification and specification of all configuration items (CIs) and the interfaces to other processes and data.

The management of the processes, systems and functions to package, build, test and deploy changes and updates (which are bounded as “releases”) into a live environment, establishing or continuing the specified Service, to enable controlled and effective handover to Operations and the user community. Require “hands-on” experience in the use of configuration management, build, test and deployment tools. Provide an effective and professional working relationship with other internal and external IT departments, approval bodies and project technical teams.

Key Experience:

  • Define, implement and govern the software release and configuration management processes across the SDLC for a variety of internal and external software platforms to enable a controlled and effective handover to Operations teams
  • Lifecycle planning, control and management of the software and service assets, including information relating to their classification and specification including their interfaces to other processes and data.
  • Co-ordination of internal and external technical teams to support, manage and report on IT release plans
  • Work with the IT change advisory board to advise on status of release and readiness for production release
  • Define, lead and setup build, test and deployment technologies across the SDLC
  • Environment and deployment management for all non-production areas
  • Arrange, conduct and input into retrospective reviews and deliver any required continuous improvement plans in their area of responsibility
  • Facilitate IT release planning meetings and any ensure go/no go criterion is defined and met through the use of quality gateways
  • Assess the impact and risk of proposed changes, in conjunction with IT & Change Management
  • Work closely with IT & change management to determine the release delivery approach
  • Ensure completion of all training as mandated by the company and regulated by the FCA.
  • Ensure that direct reports and self, achieve and demonstrate levels of competence required to fulfil job requirements

This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive and there may be other duties, within the remit of this position, required of the job holder from time to time. The Company reserves the right to alter this job description and will do so after consultation with the job holder.


  • Analytical Thinking, Flexibility, Improvisation, Persistence,    Attention to Detail, Teamwork


Knowledge & Experience

  • 3+ years experience of performing a release and configuration management role in a complex IT environment
  • Background in Software development
  • Proficient in the use and administration of version control systems e.g. SVN, TFS
  • Proficient in selection and use of source code branch and merge strategies
  • Experience in the use and setup of enterprise deployment tools and scripting e.g. Powershell, Puppet
  • Experience in use and setup of continuous integration tools and processes e.g. Jenkins
  • Experience in use of automated unit and system testing tools e.g. Selenium
  • Full software development lifecycle experience including working in Agile and Waterfall environments
  • Experience in Microsoft .NET ,IIS, SQL and Java, Websphere technologies
  • Familiar with different Architecture styles and approaches e.g. SOA, Software as a Service, thin client, mobile apps
  • Familiar with Corporate, Industry and Professional Standards
  • Familiar with Time Management Techniques


Professional IT qualifications would be desirable



Tim Cowell


+44 (0)1580 715 111