Manufacturing Recruitment Ltd are candidate driven we seek out and match you against positions that meet your specific requirements.

We take time to understand your personal needs cultural fit, personalities, dislikes, aspirations, motivators, work style, development needs, etc. Manufacturing Recruitment Ltd works with recognised good employers only they must fit a set of selection criteria.

We always handle applications in strictest confidence the recruitment process is undertaken with the highest discretion and confidentiality, together with an appreciation of your commitments to the existing employer.

We never try to influence your judgement only offer feedback and advice to assist your decision. We provide an expert assessment of your target employment market e.g. earnings and benefit expectations, likely success, insider knowledge of specific employers.

We will not waste your time! - Open, honest and constructive feedback combined with only suitable positions. We promise to keep you informed and respond to you in a timely manner.

Manufacturing Recruitment Ltd

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London Office: +44 (0)207 0788 882