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£50k + 5k car + 10% bonus

Database Solution Lead – East Sussex

Reporting directly to the Head of IT Delivery the role will act as the internal solution design authority and technical lead across all areas of project and BAU change for database solutions.

This is a key technical leadership role to provide expertise, support, guidance and quality assurance to the internal teams and external partners who are engaged in change across the software development lifecycle for operational, analytical, warehouse and ETL related database solutions.

The role is also required to identify, assess and implement new tools, processes and database technologies working with and leading internal teams and external partners to drive forward the long term business and IT technology plans.

The successful individual to have a number of years’ practical experience in the design and delivery of operational, analytical and warehouse database solutions using some or all of the following technologies:

-         Microsoft SQL Server

-         Microsoft SSIS

-         IBM Data Stage


Circa 150+ Microsoft databases for on-going support and development


  •       10 years experience in designing and developing database solutions
  •       Familiar with Application Development Methods, Techniques and Standards
  •       Familiar with Application Development Tools
  •       Expert in Database Software
  •       Proficient in Information Modelling Tools
  •       Proficient in Information Retrieval Tools
  •       Familiar with Metrics
  •       Expert in Corporate, Industry and Professional Standards
  •       Familiar with Operational/Service Architecture
  •       Proficient in Structured Reviews
  •       Aware of Test Management Techniques
  •       Proficient in Product Evaluation and Selection
  •       Expert in Database Modelling and Design Tools
  •       Familiar with Principles of Functional Safety Assurance
  •       Proficient in Information Analysis Tools
  •       Familiar with Business Proposals
  •       Familiar with Quality Management
  •       Proficient in Progress Reporting
  •       Familiar with Techniques for Effective Meetings
  •       Proficient in Standards Writing Techniques
  •       Familiar with Project Management Tools
  •       Familiar with Project Planning and Control Techniques



  •         Uses appropriate tools, including logical models of components and interfaces, to contribute to development and documentation of systems architectures. Within a business change programme, assists in the preparation of technical plans and co-operates with business assurance and project staff to ensure that appropriate technical resources are allocated.
  •         Maintains up to date, specialist, technical and application knowledge of database (DB) concepts, object and data modelling techniques and design principles. Maintains a detailed knowledge of the full range of DB architectures, software and facilities available and in development and their potential value to the organisation.
  •         Applies specialist technical and application knowledge and provides detailed advice and guidance to client/user personnel in object and data modelling at corporate and departmental levels, and in the effective use of database tools and facilities available to them.
  •         Analyses data requirements, to establish, modify or maintain a data model (using the Object-Entity-Relationship-Attribute or other appropriate model). Takes account of specialist requirements (e.g. geocoding, for Geographic Information Systems). Interprets the model into an appropriate DB schema within set policies.
  •         Works with clients/users and development groups to identify most appropriate and effective use of DB facilities and set strategy and standards for whole application areas.
  •         Works with clients/users to define their need for O/DBMS, other DB tools and facilities, assess feasibility and practicality of potential solutions and specify requirements. Demonstrates, installs (including customisation) and commissions selected products.
  •         Address complex and non-standard situations, taking responsibility for a small team of technical staff providing specialist expertise in the development, use or operation of O/DBMS tools and facilities.
  •         Works with data management colleagues to ensure that modelling is carried out consistently, and that corporate standards for repository administration and data dictionaries are observed.
  •         Co-ordinates and applies  data analysis and data modelling techniques, based upon a detailed understanding of the corporate information requirements, in order to establish, modify or maintain data structures and their associated components (entity descriptions, relationship descriptions, attribute definitions). Ensures that those using the data structures and associated components have a good understanding and that any queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  •         Leads the quality assurance of corporate data structures,  project developed data structures and associated components (entity descriptions, relationship descriptions, attribute definitions).
  •         Reports issues and non-compliances, and proposes and monitors action for resolution.
  •         Identifies and manages resources needed for the planning, development and delivery of specified information and communications systems services and products. Takes full responsibility for all aspects of career development for subordinate staff.
  •         Prepares project and quality plans and advises system development teams. Allocates work packages to technical staff, taking account of individuals’ abilities and the requirements of the work, monitoring and reporting progress.
  •         Oversee performance of programming staff, reports on their effectiveness and takes action to remedy deficiencies. Provides advice, guidance and assistance to less experienced colleagues as required.
  •         Puts in place mechanisms and procedures for the structured review of work produced and ensures that these are adhered to.
  •         Establish and maintain agreed standards applicable to the work undertaken and ensures that they are adhered to.
  •         Takes responsibility for the design, coding, testing and documentation of particularly large, complex or mission critical programs.
  •         Provides expert advice in some or all aspects of the programming methods, tools and/or standards used in the organisation.
  •         Evaluate and review programming methods and tools used in the organisation.
  •         Undertakes, or arranges for, the recruitment, training and development of programming staff.
  •         Leads the assessment, analysis, planning and design of release packages, including assessment of risk.
  •         Liaises with business and IT partners on release scheduling and communication of progress.
  •         Conducts post release reviews, to ensure that all fixes and changes have been successfully applied.
  •         Ensure release processes and procedures are applied and that all known problems are documented.
  •         Ensure that you (and any direct reports) are meeting customers’ fair and reasonable expectations and provide fair outcomes. Question and challenge peers and managers where processes and procedures do not meet these expectations and any activity that does not place customers’ interests at the heart of how we do business
  •         Responsible for the effective identification, management and reporting of risk within your area of responsibility.
  •         Ensure there is appropriate debate, discussion and challenge of risks within your areas of responsibility. Enhance the risk management culture within your department for the effective identification, management and reporting of risk within your area of responsibility.
  •        Ensure completion of all training as mandated by the company and regulated by the FCA.

Ensure that direct reports and self achieve and demonstrate levels of competence required to fulfil job requirements.


Tim Cowell


+44 (0)1580 715 111